The Queer Indigo Wants You To Walk the Walk

If you’re like me, you have been frantically looking for hilarious memes and good-hearted videos to pass the day during this hell week that 1. Started with the time changing 2. Had a full moon 3.Will end with Friday the 13th 4. Is inside of Mercury retrograde 5. Is mentally and emotionally draining from the traumatizing saturation of media surrounding coronavirus. Can we just stop, breathe, and enjoy the moment?!

That’s why I love to spend my lunch hours and any time I get looking at happy things. It’s how I came across Barry Brandon, AKA The Queer Indigo, an ageless wonder who currently resides in Berlin spreading queer joy with his viral WALK videos–or walkography, Mawma!

Photo by Reginald Charles

Here’s the latest walkography video by The Queer Indigo giving us all this BAWDY we never knew we needed!


Brandon creates these videos with his groups of friends whom he calls “covens” and with followers who want to join him in stomping to the death. His walks have taken over some of the biggest cities around the world and they are perfectly curated from the scenery, to the choreography, to the fashions, to the catchy music.

The Queer Indigo doesn’t just walk the walk. In his professional life, Brandon runs a creative and experiential agency called For All Humans, focusing on the growth and expansion of emerging and well-established brands through immersive events, engaging activations and comprehensive marketing campaigns that capture your spirit and convey your messaging while promoting community building and inclusivity.


It’s been about six months since the first video that gained lots of attention on social media. The video featured two of his friends, Josette and Knyckolas, and a lip sync to a popular Heathers song:

Before he knew it, The Queer Indigo was sissying that walk into the feeds of millions of viewers.


But why does Barry Brandon make these videos?

Brandon shared:

There wasn’t initially any intent other than having fun with friends, but what I have learned is that the videos represent a lot more than that to many people. I keep hearing the buzzwords that people feel joy, freedom and power and for that, and for this, I will keep creating. I do have in mind where I want to take this journey and I hope to continue being a vessel of light to bring awareness and visibility for those who live in the grey area, in the shadows and are too often dismissed because they don’t fit into any particular box. My goal in life is just to be myself and express in the most authentic manner that I can. My hope is that people feel empowered to unlearn everything they learned to be true as a way of relearning who they really are, not who they were raised to be led to believe should be.

The Queer Indigo’s videos are certainly empowering so I asked Brandon if there is any message he wishes his Walkography videos might send to the LGBTQ+ community.


This is a hard one because there are safety issues that come into play pending where a community member resides. Without getting too deep into that, my message is for anyone who has the ability to live loudly and proudly, please do so. The more visibility we have as a collective community, the less they can control us. We must step into our power and light and continue to push for TRUE equality.

As his videos continue to be enjoyed by many, Brandon hopes to continue creating walkography videos in some other major cities before taking over major cities in Europe. He hopes to be able to partner with designers that will help to elevate his videos with more style and sickn’ing looks.

And he his definitely grateful: 

I want to thank everyone for the support, love and words of encouragement for what we are creating and putting out to the world. The intent isn’t to be perfect. The intent isn’t to be the most amazing. The goal really is to just be and at the same time represent a piece to the community that perhaps doesn’t receive as much visibility. I hope that people receive a message that they are valid as they are.


Amidst the daily chaos and negative media overload, take a little time to enjoy this walk we call life.

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If you’d like to join in on the walkography fun, join The Queer Indigo as he stomps his way through these cities:

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