The Weekend May Not Be Long, But Wendell Lissimore Is.

What’s in a bulge?  Hopefully a hidden treasure that we all can enjoy.  Some of our writers in the past were a little more thirsty than others and would bring the magnifying glass out to exclaim that a pants crease was someone’s manhood when it was clearly just the lay of the fabric and not the promise of a great lay. If I’m going to say look at this bulge, well, there better be a bulge there. 

Cockailsandcocktalk is a great friend to have on the internet for they are similar to us. The staff over there are just as thirsty and have a great eye for what makes us all drool. And maybe that is why we were both nominated for the Best Free Site in the Fleshbot Awards (NSFW).  Check it out, vote for many different categories, and hopefully us!

The reason for the drool bucket today is Wendell Lissimore (@wendelllissimore).  We’ll put the bulge-tastic pics at the end, but don’t we all like a little bit of a cock-tease, a little bit of anticipation, some build up to the jaw cracking dropping moment?

Searching the web, we see that Lissimore has been around for a little over a decade.  Here’s one of his casting videos from 2008. Besides a bulge, back muscles are pretty hot, too, and he shows them off here. 

In 2015, after some years of modeling under his belt, we see that there is more to be seen in his HardWear Style’s “Hard to Forget” Digimercial.


Pillaging his Instagram we’re still very intrigued.

Purple is a nice color and he fills it out nicely.

Besides Esquire, he’s also worked with Essence.  We searched for more pics from this campaign, but Essence took down the link to the gallery.

Yes, he has a looong …. tongue, too.

And you know what they say about long fingers …

We’d like to be wrapped in those arms.

And to be on that photo shoot.

Have a great weekend guys!  Oh yeah.  Those bulge pics. 

For one more, head over to our thirsty brethren at Cockailsandcocktalk

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