“The Witcher’s” Showrunner Responded To Fans’ Gay Ship

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When The Witcher dropped on Netflix last month, many fans of the earlier books and video games were excited to see their favorite characters in a high production format. As for Netflix fans who were new to the world of The Witcher, there were plenty of surprises about the story and it’s main cast. That includes the relationship between Jaskier and Geralt.

Yes, many fans were excited to see the relationship between Henry Cavill’s Geralt and Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer. But fans were also excited to see the friendship between Geralt and Joey Batey’s Jaskier. And upon seeing the relationship, many prior fans and many new fans took to shipping the two characters together. Again, this is despite the two character’s outright heterosexuality (though, Jaskier does often stare at his stoic friend).

But despite all the online hype and interest in the two characters, we can’t all lie to ourselves. It’s never gonna happen. Guys, we get queerbaited by Hollywood enough as it is, we don’t need to be queerbaiting ourselves too! Instead, let’s just enjoy the friendship and the bromance of the two characters who were clearly never set up to be in a relationship. After all, there are already several books, three video games, and a season on Netflix expressing as much.

Though at the same time, what’s the harm in fans enjoying the idea of these two character getting together. Since Netflix will never give it to us (and rightfully so, in respect to the original source material and characters), fans can enjoy their fantasies as much as possible.

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On top of that, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich recently said in an interview with Digital Spy that she Jaskier and Geralt are “just an example of male friendship.”

“These are men who…one of them is very passionate, and very creative, and is able to express his feelings; and one is not at all,” said Schmidt Hissrich. “But they both ultimately love each other very much.”

So while it’s a fun idea, a Geralt and Jaskier romance will probably remain in the world of fanfiction.

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Source: Digital Spy, Pride

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