These 7 Instagram Accounts Celebrate Gay Dads And Their Kids

A couple days ago, I posted an article explaining that gay marriage is not the anti-thesis of marriage (as one internet troll announced). In that post, I also shared some wonderful posts celebrating gay marriage, gay love, and gay parenting.

That said, I realized that there is always room for more posts focusing on these topics, so that’s what this post is trying to do.

But what’s better than just talking about how gay parents are great? Showing you. And thanks to Instagram, I can do just that.

With the help of Instagram account, Gays_With_Kids, I’m happy to share with you seven Instagram accounts that show the wonderful love a gay parent can have for his children.

  1. @Hunterbigham & @Johncmartell

​Hunter and John are a gay couple who have raised three wonderful children. The power couple are two married men who love to travel, model on occasion, be together, and to spend time with their kids.​


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  1. @JackyRusli​

Jacky Rusli is a family man from Indonesia who works in design and advertising. Because of that, he is able to support his family of three while also being able to work with amazing people like Nyle DiMarco.


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Waking up to this little sunshine #newyorkcity #morning ↔️ #swipe

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Cold but beautiful day #centralpark #newyorkcity ↔️ #swipe

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  1. @Kevincarroleary & @briankesser

Kevin and Brian are a happy couple who are proud to have two wonderful sons. On top of that, they also pride themselves in teaching their kids a strong moral code. “Say thank you, help others, be kind, do your best, and don't look down on people,” says Kevin.



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  1. Jbabs245

This isn’t the first time that Jason Babcock and Adam Gentile have shown up in an Instinct Magazine article. After having their son Tristan, the two decided to expand their family even more. But then imagine their surprise when they found out they were going to have triplets!

  1. @terrell.and.jarius

Terrell and Jarius are also a couple that we’ve talked about before on Instinct. Back in December, we shared the news of the couple sharing their twins with the world. After failing to having a child before, the two were surprised to accidently have two children. And, they plan to adopt/foster sometime in the future.


When neither of your children want to cooperate for the selfie #Family

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  1. @daddydaddykids​

These Philadelphia residents are proud of the family they’ve grown through fostering and adoption. Greg and Paul are so proud that they want to share their stories of happiness with the world through a forum and brand called “DaddyDaddyKids.”



#flyeaglesfly #mybabyboy

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  1. @ShaunT & @scottphotobombs

Lastly, we have Shaun T and Scott who were blessed with twins late last year. The two are used to being in the limelight, with Shaun being a fitness guru with connections to the Williams sisters, but they have never known a glory that's close to the joy of being a parent.


Papa duty is real and LOVING it!

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There are many more dads and their kids where that came from.

If you're looking for more gay dad Instagram accounts, start by going to Gays_With_Kids. That account shares pictures and accounts of proud papas with their kids regularly. Check that out, and see how short it takes before you crack a smile.

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