This D.I.Y. Crotch Enhancement Will Leave You Laughing (& Grimacing)

You won’t believe the next video that’s been trending on sites (gay or otherwise).

Super Deluxe is one of those jack-of-all-trades social media pages that does everything from beauty tutorials, to politics posts, to eye candy pics, and comedy videos. And, It seems they’ve really hit it out of the ballpark with their latest video that's garnered more than 34 million views.

They mixed eye candy with comedy, with a little sad reality on top, to create the video.

In it, we see a man giving his pants an upgrade to impress anyone taking a peak at his lower area.

And the video dresses itself up as a tutorial, so if anyone out there wants to give their crotch a little boost, they can too.

All they have to do is get a banana, underwear, a piece of fabric, a marker, glue, and scissors. Then in seconds any guy’s got a boost to his confidence.

Keep in mind, gents, that this is mostly meant to be a joke.

Yes, its sad that some guys out there will feel this kind of thing is worthwhile. We're sure some people might take it seriously and some will actually try this "DIY Bulge" (if they haven’t done something similar already).

That said, let’s take a moment to just enjoy the humor and stupidity of the video. After all, we all clicked on it, didn't we?

1 thought on “This D.I.Y. Crotch Enhancement Will Leave You Laughing (& Grimacing)”

  1. Why. When the pants come down

    Why. When the pants come down..and that size isn't there..they will be out the door. Try being romantic funny adventurous.


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