This Double Proposal Has Us Crying!

Images via Reddit @Unexpected

Now this is the type of viral video we can get behind.

We’ve all seen public displays of affection at theme parks by now. There’s something about the high let off from being in high energy locales with big rides and big fun. It just gets us giddy and excited. But excited enough to propose? Apparently, as many couples take a theme park trip as an opportunity to propose to their loved ones. There have been numerous photos and videos showing that exact scene and there will be many more to come.

But that said, the video below is way more than that.

Shared two days ago in Reddit’s “Unexpected” subreddit, a video is going viral for its surprise twist midway through. The video begins with a gay couple kissing on a staircase at an amusement park. One of the two men then gets down on one knee to propose. The other, shocked, starts to walk away. But what’s that he’s pulling out of his bag?

Will you marry me? from Unexpected

The Reddit post has skyrocketed with attention for its unexpected twist and has received 97.9k upvotes and 4.k comments since its posting. Many of the comments have joked, with loving support, at the charming moment.

“Ultimate Uno reverse card.” Wrote one commenter.

“Will you marry me? No u!,” posted another.

Others complained about the location of the video such as one commenter who asked, “This is cute and all but who proposes on a busy flight of stairs?”

Meanwhile, some contemplated the laws of gay proposals.

“This happens to gay couples a lot during their anniverssary since there is no written rule on who’s supposed to propose,” contemplated one Reddit user [sic]. “Happened to a couple of friends already.”

“It should be the top,” responded another. “We’re lobbying Congress to make that the law of the land.”

“Two switches still confused…” considered a third until the conversation turned into a joke.

“You’ve got to roll dice,” shared one poster, which incentivized a response of, “Rolling initiative.”

No matter the response, joke or serious congratulations, the Reddit forum was overall positive. The subreddit moderators made sure of that (for which, we are grateful). And we are also happy to see the love and joy of this double proposing gay couple. We hope the best for them in the future.

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