This Gay Man Was Kicked Out Of A Vegas Pool Because Of His “Speedos”

A video’s going viral of a gay man being kicked out of a Las Vegas pool because of his swimsuit.

Yesterday, a man named Chris Donohoe shared a video of himself being kicked out of the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. Donohoe swears that he was kicked out because he’s gay.

As he shared in the caption for the video’s post:

"I was made to leave the pool for wearing a Mr Turk bathing suit that they said was not ‘In integrity’ with the brand of the pool party. In other words, I was kicked out for being a gay man wearing a bathing suit that was just a little too gay for the The Beach Club Encore Las Vegas to tolerate."

Donohoe later added:

“I’m going to pursue this to the fullest extent possible until LGBTQ+ people are no longer policed and discriminated against at the Wynn Las Vegas."

But, was Donohoe really kicked out because he’s gay, or was there something else going on?

First, the video shows Donohoe having an argument with whom we assume is the bouncer/security. You can hear the two repeating the same defenses over and over again.

Apparently, the excuse for Donohoe’s expulsion is that he’s wearing speedos. Donohoe responds to this by saying he fully understands that speedos are not allowed, but states that he’s not wearing a speedo.

At a first glance, we’d have to side with the security guard. Donohoe’s trying to be clever by using a technicality here. There is a specific speedo brand and Donohoe’s not wearing it. Thus, he’s technically not wearing a speedo.

That said, the rule could be implying that all male swimwear with the cut and shape of a speedo are banned. Technically, Donohoe is right, but that technicality doesn’t mean he has the right to stay at the pool.

This is especially true if you take into account the guidelines for the Encore Beach Club.

The official site’s guidelines state that “all entry is based on management’s discretion.”

The guidelines go further to say:

“Any person who refuses to comply with any regulation governing public bathing or swimming facility or any rule of that facility must be excluded from the premises.”

But here is the most important part of the puzzle. There is no official rule against speedos on the dress code, which is placed out below.

“Prohibited apparel for sunbathing/swimming:

  • No jeans or pants – guests may not swim/sunbathe fully clothed
  • No undergarments allowed for sunbathing/swimming
  • No torn or cut-off clothing
  • No rips/stains on clothing
  • No see-through bathing suits
  • No offensive prints on clothing
  • No chains or baggy clothing (jeans, shorts, etc.)
  • No athletic gear
  • No clothing that contains rivets, hooks, studs, etc.
  • European sunbathing is prohibited”

Speedos are not stated on that list of prohibited apparel, so this policy was either made up on the spot or hasn't been updated on the site yet.

It seems that there may be some sort of discrimination happening, but more information is needed in order to tell. If there is discrimination, it could be either homophobia or sexism and is entirely centered on revealing clothing for men.

Again, Donohoe says he will be pursuing this matter to the fullest extent, so we’ll see if the Encore Beach Club can justify this incident.

In addition, Instinct Magazine has reached out to the Encore Beach Club for comment.

Update (8/08/2018):

The Encore Beach Club's website has been updated to include the line, "No risqué or indecent swimwear is permitted; management reserves all rights to determine appropriate attire," but there's still no mention of speedos.

With this addition, we have to wonder if the rule is being applied to women as well or if it's only targeted towards men.

What do you think?