This Harry Potter Star Admits That He Loves RuPaul’s Drag Race

It looks like Ronald Weasley himself is a devout RuPaul’s Drag Race fan and he wants everyone to know it.

Rupert Grint has revealed that he is obsessed with the tv show. In fact, he told The Guardian, “I watch [Drag Race] religiously."

Grint spoke to the Guardian to talk about some of his favorite stuff (plays, games, art, etc.). But besides his love of Hamilton and funny t-shirts, Grint also shared what he likes to do when relaxing at home.

It seems that Rupert Grint is a devoted fan who came to the series late, but after binge watching he’s now caught up and completely in love.

“I didn’t know what the drag world was all about so it was really educational. It’s an art form I think a lot of people should know about and appreciate, because it’s really impressive.”

Now, it seems that Grint is not only a fan and one who has his favorite queen (Sharon Needles) and is sharing the love with anyone he can (including his father!).

“I like it when they have to make their own outfits, and I love [drag queen] Sharon Needles, she’s my favorite. It’s really good TV, and I’m constantly trying to get people to watch it. I’ve actually managed to get my dad to watch it.”

Now that’s father/son bonding we can get behind.

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