This Moving Bathhouse Party Has New York City Bars Raving

Its cold up in the North East of America with temperatures reaching as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit just in the New York and Philadelphia area.

But while its getting colder outside, its getting warmer inside at gay bars in New York City.

Multiple clubs in New York City are hosting “Bette, Bathhouse and Beyond” events in order to both revisit the good old days of the gay bathhouse scene as well as to celebrate singer Bette Midler who was a frequent visitor of such haunts.

Party organizer Daniel Nardicio has teamed up with singer Amber Martin to create a night to remember. Guests are told that the dress code is towel only while Martin performs one of Midler’s routines to mimic bathhouse excursions of the past.

And if you’re thinking, “Why celebrate Midler at a bathhouse?” That’s because Midler was known for her bathhouse performances.

In their glory days, bathhouses weren’t just places for sex but social hubs for gay men, and performers often showed up to sing a song or two. Milder was so known for it that she gained the nickname Bathhouse Betty.

When actor Alan Cumming announced that he would be creating a club with multiple events to celebrate gay culture, he added that a bathhouse theme was in the works. The videos above and below show the fruition of those original ideas.

Now, the party is on the move again as it was held last night at another club in New York called Bedlam Bar.

Keep a look out for “Bette, Bathhouse and Beyond” because it looks like its an event that everyone’s loving.

h/t: NewNowNext

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