This Week’s Instinct Insta Hottie is Singer and Actor Phillip Evelyn II

New York City's Phillip Evelyn II is sexy hunk of a dude with a heart just as big as that massive chest he's been sporting.

The Big Apple resident was another easy choice for Hottie of the Week, given his incredible aesthetics and interesting background.



Phillip describes himself as a man of many talents: singer, actor, poet and model. What's even better for a lucky suitor out there (or more) is that the 35-year-old is currently single. Perhaps that will shift gears after thousands of people will see this article (on top of the thousands who check out his Instagram every single day?)

Here are some fun facts about Phillip (that he shared with me himself):

I'm a huge homebody. 

Singing is when I feel the most joy.

Cheesecake is my favorite dessert.

A bag of Sour Patch kids is an essential movie snack. 

I listen to Chamber/Chorale music a lot.

Vocally, I was classically trained.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal. 

I love breakfast food ANYTIME of day.

I was raised in Georgia.

Half of my family is from Jamaica. 

I'm a romantic.



When asked what he has done for our community, Phillip had this to say:

"Community is only as strong as the sum of it's parts. Frankly, just being a black gay man within our community is a revolutionary act in and of itself."

"I am a walking intersectionality. While speaking truth to power within our community, I also make a conscious effort to uplift those voices within our community that often times remain stifled. A prime example in this case would be the voices of black trans women. I've pointed out before, as it goes without saying, that there are marginalized within the marginalized."

"I try and use what social media platform I have to shed light on the issues that plague our community within."



Want to know more about Phillip Evelyn II? Follow him on his Instagram here.

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