TikTok Star & Bro To SuperBowl Champ Talks Anti-Gay Hate

Image via Instagram @JacksonMahomes

For the Mahomes family, there’s still a radiant air of success and happiness following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win. But despite the joys he feels for his Quarterback brother Patrick Mahomes, the teenaged Jackson Mahomes has more going on. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of negative messages being sent his way.

According to the Inquisitr, the younger Mahomes brother has been receiving “hurtful” and anti-gay messages online. While Jackson Mahomes is not interested in playing football, he is interested in stardom through other avenues. Mahomes is frequently uploading dancing videos to TikTok or photos with his brother and brother’s girlfriend Brittany Matthews. But as he becomes a bigger socal media star, and his brother’s sports career grows, it appears that Jackson has become an easy target for homophobes and haters.

“First thing I see when I get on TikTok is Jackson Mahomes gay a**. I hate it here,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Tyreek can’t hold onto the ball on any of these catches, might as well put Jackson mahomes gay a** in there I know he be holding onto balls,” a Kansas City Chiefs “fan” tweeted during one game.

After receiving more hate this week, Jackson decided to address the issue online. As he shared with his 18,000 followers and the world at large, “[A] lot of people DM me hurtful things then be like ‘you get 1000s of DM you will never see this’ like sheesh I read every dm so y’all can chilll.”

The college student, who turns 20 this May, then shared a thread of tweets ranting about the constant hate he receives. Mahomes then considered recording a YouTube video where he would share these messages with the senders’ employers.

But it wasn’t all bad. After calming down and going to bed, Mahomes shared that he woke up to a stream of positive messages instead of hateful ones.

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