Tom Daley Promises 6 Weeks Of Butt Workouts. We Will Participate!


How does Tom Daley follow up his and Dan Goodfellow's win at the Olympics? By promising us a month and a half of his bum … workouts.  Tom and his #Daley Routine has been covered by us before but this one looks very promising.  Yes, we love watching Tom work out, and we doubt we will ever get as sculpted as he is now, but we can try together right?





I loved the line where he said to make sure we share this video with someone who may need a bum lift. 

Maybe he will have a bum work out with Dan Goodfellow later on in the series.

Here's to 6 long weeks of BUTT WORKOUTS!  Thanks Tom. Subscribe to Tom Daley's YouTube Page here so you don't miss the next 5 weeks.


3 thoughts on “Tom Daley Promises 6 Weeks Of Butt Workouts. We Will Participate!”

  1. I wish he used his life to

    I wish he used his life to help people, at least in some significant capacity. …I give every day of my life to help people in serious need. It is hard to see people (especially from our gay community) who have the ability to make an enormous impact in the lives of so many suffering people, just do things like ' look at me and my butt' videos –literally!!!— It is a huge disappointment. 

    • I understand where you’re

      I understand where you're coming from (myself being gay) and I appreciate your want for more of a voice and action from someone with more of a public eye to help out in the gay community, but to say he's being a huge dissapointment is to say he's disgracing the community and not doing anything to help, nor has he ever. I'm not a huge Tom Daley enthusiast like it may seem but he has been outspoken about his view, been open about his sexual identity, and done things for not only the LGBT community but others as well. I say just appreciate how he is saying this is him and being open about his relationship while also being an Olympic gold medalist and creating workout content on YouTube, not just butt videos. So to say he is a disappoint is a totally false statement. 


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