Toronto Gay Couple Found Their Christmas Decorations Vandalized

A Toronto gay couple were sad to find their festive holiday decorations vandalized.

Adam Broker and Chirs Barsnicki have been known for the past 12 years for their big Christmas lights and inflatable lawn decorations to celebrate the the holiday month. But this year, they were sad to find that three of these decorations were slashed by knifes.

“I was devastated, I was furious,” Broken told CTV News.

His partner Barsnicki shared similar words as he said, “I was devastated, more violated, because I do this for the kids in the neighborhood.”

Luckily, the two installed cameras to watch over their lawn so they know who did it (or at least, what type of people did it).

Part of Barsnicki’s feelings of violation are because the video footage caught a group of five teenagers as the culprits.

While Broker says that there’s ultimately about $500 worth of damages done to their lawn, Barsnicki doesn’t want any money back. He just wants the teens to give to local charities or to commit some community service.

That said, the two have reported the incident to the police.

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