Travel Thursday: Take in the Breathtaking Sights of Myrtle Beach

Credit: Vacation Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach easily ranks as one of the best places I’ve traveled to this year. This enchanting city in South Carolina has so much packed into it that you could live here your entire life and never go to the same place twice. Consider it the southern version of New York City, whose endless culinary wonderments and unbelievable places to visit ring similarly to this fantastic area.

I knew going into this trip that it would be great. A couple of my friends, who used to live in the tri-state area, moved down there years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle that is The Big Apple (and its surroundings) for something much more relaxing and affordable. Based on my amazing experience there, I can now see why.

Credit: Vacation Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach just finished a stellar summer that had its residents and tourists buzzing with delight as they made their way through the sun-filled city. I arrived during a time when things were cooling down a bit which was perfect as I’ve never been the biggest fan of overcrowded areas.

Friendliness, fun, and food are three words that best describe Myrtle Beach. Every single person that I encountered while there was so sweet to me. A basic trip to the local Walmart included employees and shoppers greeting me with the utmost of kindness, which was confusing given that I live in an area (NYC) where we tend to do the opposite. My girlfriend, who is from Mississippi, texted me while there and said “well, that’s Southern hospitality for ya.” She wasn’t wrong.

The fun aspect of Myrtle Beach knows no limits. These people know how to party in a variety of ways that can be seen throughout its area. Something that is huge down there is, wait for it, MINI GOLF! Yes, a secret obsession of mine that I’ve been playing since I was a kid is a sport they take pride in. Mini Golf locations are all over MB with uniquely crafted courses for the masses to enjoy. I tried Jungle Safari Mini Golf (7101 N Kings Hwy) which was 18 holes of non-stop fun.

There are many other spots in Myrtle Beach where fun is the clear adjective to use. The Rockin Jump Trampoline Park (2200 N Oak St) invites people of all ages to act like a kid again with its massive indoor arena that includes trampoline dodgeball, classic video games, and more. Consider this your own American Ninja Warrior of sorts.

The entertainment side of Myrtle Beach is nothing short of electrifying. One of my favorite spots that I went to was Broadway at the Beach (1325 Celebrity Circle), which hosts several well-known restaurants and gaming facilities like Dave & Busters and The Hard Rock Café. It’s an all-encompassing area that screams “fun night out” as you dine, dish and play your heart out. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing, try the Market Common area which has everything from a gorgeous spa to endless places to shop at.

Speaking of entertainment, another place that I really enjoyed stopping by was the Hollywood Wax Museum (1808 21st Ave N). You can take a bunch of selfies with some of the biggest Hollywood icons (their waxed versions, duh) of all time while learning interesting facts about each of them. Also, if you are looking for a fun show to attend, try the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show (8907 N. Kings Highway). You’ll grub on some yummy chicken and side dishes while watching hot guys engage in an interactive battle with one another. Meat and more meat? SOLD!

I’ve saved the best for last: the food. What I love about Myrtle Beach was the signage at each of the restaurants. They are almost Vegas style when it comes to grabbing your attention regarding what each of them are serving. I kept getting distracted by ones that had the words SEAFOOD or BBQ or something like that screaming at you while you drove as it was a good marketing ploy for them to get you off the road and into something purely delicious.

Take for instance The Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood (9593 North Kings Highway), which provides over 100 different foodie options to enjoy. I made sure to not eat all day in preparation for this which turned out to be the smartest thing to do as I was able to dine on all kinds of cuisines. The space is also fabulous to look at as it goes on and on with each room having a different theme to it.

RipTydz (1210 North Ocean Blvd) is another great spot to dine at. Their mouthwatering lunch options (get the Lobster Rolls with a side of fries. Heaven!) went perfectly well with the beautiful beach sightings that you’ll encounter while there. Drunken Jacks (4031 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet), which excels in elevated bar food from wings to yummy soups and more, has panoramic views of the inlet including Goat Island, home to the goats and their peacock friends.

I can’t forget to mention where I stayed which was nothing short of spectacular. The Caravelle Resort (6900 North Ocean Blvd) is the perfect spot to check into during your time in Myrtle Beach. You open your door to a beautifully crafted room that has an elevated view of the beach in the background. Even better, the beach is steps away, which only makes this hotel that much more special to stay at. The calming element to MB, which I brought up earlier, can easily be seen at the Caravelle as you find yourself relaxing throughout the day while taking in the sights of the area around you. A place you’ll want to stay at should you find yourself in this wonderful area.

Credit: Vacation Myrtle Beach

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