Two Handsome Gay Dudes Come Together to Create an Awesome Podcast

Credit: Kedric Hubbert

Two extremely handsome gay dudes. One podcast. Sounds familiar right?

California residents Kedric Hubbert and Steven Michael have joined forces to create a podcast that talks about their deep love of all things music.

We aren’t just talking about what’s going on in the world of today where Generation Z’s Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish have taken over the charts.

No, ma’am, these guys take it to another level with their fiery debates about topics like Britney vs. Christina to them dissecting some of the biggest boy bands and classic rock songs in music history. 

The podcast is called ‘Is This Your Playlist?!’ which just kicked off its second season earlier this month. Topics that these studly guys have discussed already included an episode devoted strictly to one of the biggest entertainers ever, Madonna, and what they think are the greatest albums to play in their entirety (Thriller and Tragic Kingdom for this fellow gay). 

Kedric and Steven first met through mutual friends many years ago and quickly developed a bond that only became stronger when they were both in the same city at the same time. 

“It was something that I wanted to do forever,” Kedric revealed to Instinct about why he wanted to start the podcast. “For years I wanted to do a music podcast and I’m a very fast, fun facty type of person that likes to throw out information about knowing the names of the boys in the band and blah blah blah and I just wanted to have a creative outlet to do it.”

He was able to find his other half for this project in Steven while they were both working at a local gym in Palm Springs. 

“We’re at work one day,” he said. “Steven is very animated and at the front desk you have to wait four seconds for the next person to come in after the previous person and these queens will not wait four seconds and one day Steven goes something like “five six seven eight high kick blah blah” and I looked at him, I pointed at his face, and I was like ‘You’re the guy.’ He was like ‘What?’! and the minute he did that I was like he’s the guy, he’s the cohost, he’s the one. And 10 days later we did the first one.”

“I knew I wanted to do something along these lines because I’ve done many things like this from choreography to writing,” Steven chimed in. “So when he suggested I said ‘Hell yeah, why not’ because I wanted to do it and here we are.”

Season one of their podcast, which kicked off in March 2019, saw the guys speak on a myriad of topics that coincide with the mission of what they are trying to accomplish. This included The 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, the best of the best in 90’s dance music and the greatest LGBTQ anthems of all time.

“It’s been fun. We’re still finding out groove I think,” Steven said about the continuation of their podcast. “We’re definitely getting better with age as the episodes go. We’re finding what works best and we have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot. It’s just a good kiki really and he’s (Kedric) amazing with numbers, titles, girls in the bands, where they ranked, where they placed, it’s crazy!”

Bottom line this is a fun podcast to listen to to anyone (like me and them) who has a strong appreciation for the world of music and the history behind it. If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to this summer and beyond, then I highly recommend trying Kedric and Steven’s Is This Your Playlist?! You won’t be let down.

To listen and learn more about their fabulous podcast, click here.

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