Two Trans Women Suspected to be Victims of Same Attacker

The Washington DC police department has said that they suspect two trans women may have been victims of the same attacker. Image from Wikipedia via Forbes.

Two trans women were lured into the same apartment by a person from the dating app Tagged, and one was stabbed and one was robbed. Because of this, Washington DC police strongly suspect that the trans women were attacked by the same perpetrator, according to LGBTQ Nation

October 7 was when the first attack occurred when a transgender woman was lured into 4238 4th Street, an apartment in Washington Highlands. The attacker held her at knifepoint and demanded that she give him her valuables and her car. On October 15, another trans woman was lured into the same apartment where she was stabbed and robbed of her valuables. She suffered non-lethal injuries. Unfortunately, the attacker has not been found.

The two victims both said that the perpetrator is a black man, standing at 6′ to 6’2″ with a medium complexion. Because the victims are both trans women, were lured into the same location, gave the police the same description, and met the perpetrator on the same dating app, DC police are “investigating these cases as potentially being related.” I’ll agree with that; the details seem too similar to not be related and with the app having 300 million users, what are the odds of two transgender women being lured into the same apartment and suffering the same crime had two different attackers? 

I wrote recently about an Irish man who was attacked after meeting up with someone who he thought was a date on Grindr and stressed the importance of safety when it comes to meeting someone who you only know online. I will reiterate my point and say that while most people on online dating platforms are decent people, some are not so if you decide to meet up with someone, have another person nearby who can save you in an emergency. It can be the difference between life or death. 

Source: LGBTQ Nation

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