Tyler Oakley Talks About First Times With Sex

Well, he’s done it.

If you are a vlogger on Youtube, there’s always the idea of sharing stories from your personal life and history with the rest of the world. With that, there’s an ongoing trend of Youtuber’s getting intimate and talking about sex stories or the times that they lost their virginity.

Now, celebrated Youtuber Tyler Oakley has joined the fray.

Recently, Oakley released a video in which he talks about the time he lost his virginity 10 years ago. As he explains, “On St Patrick’s Day, of course, we honor those we’ve lost like the patron saint of Ireland… but also, my virginity.”

Oakley explained further to describe who he lost his virginity to and how. He reveals that he was dating a boy during his freshman year of college and that the man was “somebody that [he] knew and trusted.”

Of course, this intimate story doesn’t come for free. Not only is Tyler Oakley a celebrated Youtuber and gay media personality, but he’s also a smart businessman.

Oakley says that if we want the full story, we’ll have to read it in his book. But ever the tease, Oakey says that, “The majority of the time, it does not go down how you think.”

Want to at least hear the start of the story before you rush to get the book (and Oakley's thoughts on first times in general)? Check out Oakley’s video below.

h/t: GayStarNews

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