Uber Sexy Julian Gabriel Drinks From a Coconut in Hot New Instagram Post

Miami based model Julian Gabriel was recently named the number one sexiest man to follow on Instagram.  And rightfully so.  The muscle bound stunner has been delighting his audiences all over the world, as he has racked up over a 145,000 followers on IG alone thanks to his gorgeous looks and chill demeanor.

Julian describes himself as a half hippie-half idealist, who loves dogs, plants and coffee.  He also likes Adele, "Toy Story", The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Family Guy.  He's getting more and more perfect in my eyes, and this new photo of him may have just put that perfection over the edge for me.

He posted a photo on IG two days ago with the caption "I'm in love with the coco".  There's a lot to focus on, but his mouth and tongue is enough to keep ours open and wagging amongst other areas of our bodies. Hehe.

Thanks Julian for making our holiday weekend that much better! 

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