Wendy Williams Is FINALLY Divorcing Her Husband

Image via Image via YouTube / Wendy Williams – Milla Jovovich on Modeling, Motherhood & “Hellboy”

Amid An Affair, Abuse Allegations, And An ‘Opps’ Baby, The Couple Is Officially Over

If you follow celebrity or daytime television closely, you’ll know gossip queen Wendy Williams has been put through the ringer since winter of 2018. She fractured her shoulder which led her to take pain pills which caused her to become addicted to said medicine and she was forced to enter into a sober home, where she’s been living for a few months. All of these instances led the internet to spread more rumors about Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, had not only been in a long term affair with a woman named Sharina Hudson and the two recently had a daughter together last month. Williams has dodged any allegation of her husband’s affair on her talk show, but perhaps now she’s ready to reveal the truth with this next change in her life.


According to Page Six, Williams has finally filed for divorce against Hunter! The news is circulating since this morning when she appeared on her show sans wedding ring. If you’re an avid watcher as I am, you’ll know Williams has stated numerous times as long as she is wearing her wedding ring, there are no problems in her marriage. Now that cat is out of the bag and she’s finally ditching the boil from her ass and the ring from her finger! Instead, she chose to rock a big, butterfly ring today (pictured below):

Image via YouTube / Wendy Williams – Monster-In-Law

She has yet to comment, but once she knows her fans and haters are in “the know”, she’s going to spill and everyone’s going to need to grab their tissues for the impending tearjerker speech. Williams is one of the most entertaining people on television. She tells it like it is and says what we’re all thinking, in a much more tasteful way compared to say Kathy Griffin. She’s been a role model for me while even blogging, so I’m happy to see her take this next step in her life. There have been rumors of Hunter cheating on Williams, being a monster behind the scenes of her show, and even physically abusing her. It will be for best as Williams makes this transition.  I am looking forward to watching her tell her truth and live her story on camera. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than surrounded by toxic people.

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