Wendy Williams Lands Her Own Biopic At Lifetime

Image via YouTube / Wendy’s Big News!

Turns Out We’re Also Getting A Twofer: A Documentary About Her Daytime Talk Show!

EGAD! Obviously, I’m a huge Wendy Williams fan! I’ve spoke highly of her for years and have closely followed her now very-public divorce and subsequent new life of single womanhood. By now, it’s clear Williams has shaped herself into a mogul. She’s a living icon and it’s not a surprise that her celebrity gossip, daytime talk show has massed millions the former radio host many fans in it’s decade on air.  It turns out, we’re going to get more juicy details about Williams’ life story.

According to People Magazine, Williams has landed a Lifetime original film about her life which she is set to executive produce. If you are a fan of Wendy, you know she’s going to give it to us good and make sure we’re watching the story unfold, and not some watered-down melodrama. Williams has suffered not only from her recent divorce from Kevin Hunter, but has been incredibly honest about her past addictions, rehabilitation, and shaky climb up the celebrity ladder. The biopic will hit our televisions sometime in 2020. A documentary about her talk show will follow. YES! The official press release claims:

“The authorized project provides a revealing look at Wendy’s journey, from her scrappy upstart days in urban radio to the success of her own syndicated talk show.”

You really don’t believe I am one of Williams’ biggest fans?! Ha! I literally have the receipts to prove you wrong. A few months ago, I was flown from Los Angeles to New York and appeared on her talk show as one of her biggest fans who received a chance to win ten thousand dollars. It’s safe to say my nerves perhaps got the best of me, like, hellooo I was meeting my idol! But, in case you missed it, feel free to check out the video below of me being less than smart!



H/T: People Magazine

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