We’re Falling In Love With Henry Golding In The New “Crazy Rich Asians” Trailer

The first trailer for the much anticipated film Crazy Rich Asians dropped earlier today, and its left us very interested in its male lead.

The film, based off of an acclaimed book series with the same name, centers around an Asian-American girl named Rachel Chu who goes to a wedding with her boyfriend Nicholas Young.

What Nick forgot to tell Rachel was that he belonged to an elite class of extremely rich families in Singapore. Rachel then falls head first into a world of the super (or crazy) rich elite in a gossipy, funny, and romantic tale.

The film adaption for the movie has been hotly anticipated for its fully Asian cast. Some say it’ll be the Asian version of Black Panther (for its focus on Asian talent and not so much for its box office returns).

Thankfully, the first look trailer is out for the film, and you can watch it below.

While the movie probably needs a few more trailers to convince non-Asian and non-agenda supporting audiences to buy tickets, this first trailer gave us a good look at actor Henry Golding.

Screenshot via Youtube

Screenshot via Youtube

When he was announced for the part, many worried about Golding being half Malaysian and half-White. That said, many of the target demographic of the film will surely quiet down once they see a few of the tasty shots of Golding in the trailer.

Also, it looks like Ellen knows just what we want to see.

We hope to see more of Henry Golding in the future, and we hope that Crazy Rich Asians does well in theaters.

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