We’re Getting A Facts Of Life Reunion

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The Facts Of Life Boarding School Girls Are Reuniting For A Lifetime Christmas Movie!

“Aye-You! Give Me Back My Gold!” Isn’t that how you also learned the scientific symbol for gold is AU?! Because of NBC’s long running television series, The Facts of Life, AU was the only periodic table element I was able to correctly identify thanks to Mindy Cohn’s character Natalie Green. I was always a little curious in my later years when people would rave about The Golden Girls. Did everyone completely forget about The Facts of Life?!

The series was a spin-off from Diff’rent Strokes as it followed Charlotte Rae’s character, Mrs. Garrett, become housemother at a private girl’s school. The main girls, Blair Warner (Lisa Whelchel), Tootie Ramsey (Kim Fields), Jo Polniaczek (Nancy McKeon), and the aforementioned Cohn would be an incredibly diverse cast and low key remind me a little bit of how different, but alike, the top billed four ladies from Sex and the City. They had their “very special episodes” like Cohn losing her virginity and a focus on cerebral palsy, but still cement themselves as one of the greater, older series of primetime television sitcoms. The cast, minus McKeon, reunited for a television move in 2001, but now, the girls are reuniting for their first time on screen in full.

According to People Magazine, the leading ladies of The Facts of Life are reuniting in a big way… but not in the reunion that many of us would look forward too. Fields, who went from brace-face to executive producer, managed to round up Whelchel, McKeon, and Cohn to reunite with her in a Lifetime original Christmas film, You Light Up My Christmas. Rae, who passed last year, will be honored in the upcoming film. Unfortunately we won’t be getting to see the lives of our favorite boarding school girls as their true characters, but it will be rather exciting to see the women sizzle the screen together just as we start our Holiday season.

We saw the fan outcry after the Will and Grace stars reunited for a voting short – and we got what we wanted – two more seasons of the series. If I’ve learned anything about social media and mini-reunions, it’s that they can branch off a into becoming actual revivals. Hollywood is all about the reboot right now, so I think this could give a big thumbs up to reuniting the cast into a special event. Come on, Facts of Life mini-series! My fingers are crossed.

You Light Up My Christmas premieres on December 1st on Lifetime… will you be tuning in?

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