We’re Getting A Weeds Revival

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After Eight Years, Mary Louise Parker Is Returning To Drug Dealing

Lord, Hollywood has so much undiscovered talent in their midst but they keep reviving old stories and characters. We’ve seen a lot of nostalgia return to our televisions, or mobile devices for the modern Millennial. From Will & Grace to Roseanne to Tales of the City and so many more, we’ve definitely gotten our fill of happy endings and continued plotlines from some of our favorite series of yesteryear. And the revivals aren’t stopping. But, this time, maybe the grass will be greener on the other side…

According to Variety, Showtime’s hit series Weeds is getting a revival on the Starz network. The series’ genius creator, Jenji Kohan, is currently not involved in the project, but perhaps there’s still time to change that. I mean, social media tends to almost always get their way, so hopefully we can get some Twitter warriors over to Kohan and tell her that since Orange is the New Black wrapped it’s time to dip her feet back into some pot. The revival will star original character Nancy Botwin and her family ten years after the series finale back from 2012… in an era where weed is now legal… although they did touch on this plot in the final episode. Mary Louise Parker famously played Nancy and won a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal in 2006. She was up against four of the Desperate Housewives actresses and stunned with a win over them. Arguably after season three or five, Weeds took a turn for the worst. Yes, Parker can turn mud into gold with her acting chops, but the story got a little unrealistic and far-fetched for audiences to believe she could actually survive when pitted up against a Mexican cartel. Alas, I was one of the ones who stuck out throughout all eight seasons of the series and am a little intrigued to see where a revival could go. One of the original writers, Victoria Morrow, will be returning for what will be dubbed Weeds 4.20. No word yet on a release date.

As a huge fan of the series, seriously – I’d rate it in my top three favorite television shows behind True Blood and Six Feet Under – it’s safe to say I’m a little excited. Parker is set to return, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be there. By everyone, let’s be honest: We want to see Elizabeth Perkins return as the alcoholic, ignorant Celia Hodes. Perkins got shafted during the original series, leaving after the fifth season to never return or be mentioned again. The non-closure with Celia still hurts worse than any guy who has ghosted me after a first perfect date in my adult years.

Weeds treated us to a handful of great, gay orientated storylines. Notably, the aforementioned Perkins begins a brief relationship with a shady makeup pyramid schemer and her daughter Isabelle Hodes (Allie Grant) is a lesbian – and is shamelessly teased by her mother for her weight. It would be fantastic to see an adult Isabelle… but in the final season of Weeds, we learn that she has transitioned and is now a transgender male. I’m curious to see how that could play out. In the final season, we also saw the return of bubble butt Justin Chawin as Kevin Nealon’s son, Josh Wilson. Chatwin played a teenager drug dealer having a secret affair with his hot-daddy neighbor in the pilot episode only to be shoved aside for the rest of the series until the finale. Weeds has always been forward thinking and I’m sure we’ll continue to see that trend in the revival series.

Are you planning on passing on Weeds or are you going to take another puff?

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