We’ve Seen The Cheeky Pics Of Daley, Is This The Other Side Of Tom?


He's having a baby, he's getting married, he's checking out another guy's crotch on live television. Some of us enjoy watching the life and times of Tom Daley as he grows up and out in his own way.  Others could care less. Here's a story for the ones that care 🙂

Recently Tom has been getting a little cheeky with us, literally. Just the other day as part of one of his more recent videos, Tom decided to flash us more than we've seen in a while. 

So he's having a little fun with his fans.  More than we've seen in a while? Oh wait, there was that bum pic leak of Tom, supposedly sent to his temporary man while he and Dustin Lance Black were "on a break." (Are The Leaked Pics Of Tom Daley That Bad?)

And now CocktailsandCocktalk.com is saying maybe this recently posted video is not Tom.  I always like to do some investigation.  The bed in the above video isn't the same as the 'bum in the air' bed, and it's not the same bed in this pic shared by Tom from his bathing in coffee video, so it may be not him.  But it was fun to look at.

The site is now pointing to the same tumblr site that leaked the rear of the Olympic star stating that there may be a front view leakage, too.

Oh Tom, what did you do?  We're sure that 90% of the people on XYZ dating/hook-up site have sent worse, and those pics weren't leaked, but leaking.  So don't worry Tom, you are definitely not alone. And it's just skin, our biggest organ.

So like you had to to view the bum pic before, you'll have to view this new pic on tumblr. Head over to this CocktailsandCocktalk.com link and make sure you have a tumblr account.  No, we don't post peen and we don't like posting pics where we can get sued, but the bread crumbs are easy to follow.

Are we too thirsty as usual?

If you don't want it leaked, don't film it?

Is the most recent leaked real?



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