What If You Caught Cristiano Ronaldo In His Briefs?

If you came across the luscious Cristiano Ronaldo in the hall of a hotel room, what would you do? I can think of a few things…

The soccer player who loves to flaunt his bod recently shared an ad for Altice USA on his Instagram how quickly he can break the internet when the world reacts to his rock hard abs and some skin.

The video is sent up by Ronaldo watching images of himself on the news as he walks around in nothing but his teeny tiny boxer briefs. When he gets locked out of his hotel room in nothing but his unmentionables, he is saved by a female hotel employee who lets him back into the room—but not before snapping a quick pic of the heartthrob and sending it into the interwebs. When he enters the room once again, Ronaldo discovers that the picture has reached the news in just seconds.

That’s right—Ronaldo's body spreads like wildfire!

Take a look for yourself:


It's good to see how fast I'm "shared" in the United States #RonaldoFaster

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