What Would You Do If You Got a Letter From Jesus?

Last year when Australia voted YES for marriage equality, it was one of the biggest victories in LGBTQ history! Shortly after, residents began marrying, even before the 30-day waiting period necessary for couples to start exchanging vows. But of course, not everyone has been thrilled with the idea of marriage equality being the law of the land down under—not even the Man upstairs, apparently.

According to Junkee, residents of one of Sydney’s neighborhoods have been receiving notes from Jesus himself—allegedly—blaming them for the troubles the region has been experiencing. Things like droughts and hail storms are all because of gay marriage.



These letters began showing up in mailboxes last week.

One resident, Nick Smith, posted his letter on Twitter:



Smith shared with Junkee:

I opened it because the envelope was hand addressed to ‘resident’ which is rare. The handwriting screams ‘I’m in my 70s’. It was a not great reminder of the postal survey last year and the sort of views which were aerated at the time. It was an all-around crappy time for me and my friends. Sharing it on social and having a laugh about it is a privilege.

Don’t you think Jesus would have known his name?!

The letter reads:


Do you know why I have dried up your state? You chose the curse last year when your nation collectively decided to vote “YES” to that which I abhor. I have judged and removed that wicked Prime Minister, who gave you the evil desires of your heart, as I said I would through my servant, when writing to your City Council last year. Tell your mayor to humbler herself, left I unleash my fury on her, for inciting such wickedness.  

I have a cup of judgment prepared for your city. The recent hail storm was your warning to turn from wickedness. Plead with your government, reverse your shameful marriage laws glorifying sodomy and adultery, ban fornication, pornography and prostitution, stop killing your unborn children. Ban remarriage and unjustified divorce, or I will bring hail in a violent form of destruction and death and delight to brake your pride. Ask your sister Hobart, what I did to her in May, for rejecting my words.

I Yeshua/Jesus Christ am Eternal life. I bring life and blessing to those who walk upright and curses and death, to those who hate me. Choose who you will serve, but know that I have told you, through my servant.

Jesus, The Messiah.

There you have it. Jesus has spoken.

h/t: Junkee

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