When Signing Up For The Rewards Card Isn’t So Easy

Daniel Vincent Gordh (screen capture)

The latest episode of the absurdist web series Matt & Dan (written, created and produced by Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh) goes down the rabbit hole of signing up for a ‘rewards card’ at your favorite market.

Like, it’s so easy, right? “Only takes a minute, you can earn up to 20 percent off your first purchase!”

Or, not.

Matt (in a lovely wig) makes the reward program sound SO awesome, including chances to win trips to Maui or Paris, so Dan gives in.

Sometimes it’s just easier to say ‘yes,’ you know?

Matt Wilkas( screen capture)

But a few complications set in – enter your cell number, get the promo code, read the code to the cashier – and soon Paris isn’t sounding too beguiling.

But maybe Dan would like to make a charitable donation? Or get a flu shot?

We’ve all been there when the quick stop for some gum takes a turn into the absurd and getting out of the convenience store is like solving world peace.

Watch Matt and Dan remind us why shopping online can be so peaceful.

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