Who Are The Top 10 Most Googled People of 2017?!

Two Controversial Gay Men Make The List!

The end of the year is arguably the greatest time of the year! Not only are we able to look forward to a chance to restart and make this our year, but it also means we get to recap the latest mess! Yes, this year has been MESSY for entertainment! With sexual allegations, alleged threats to the presidency, and outrageous elections one may think that we’re all on a zany reality show and aliens are watching us run amuck. However, as a society, I’m convinced we must be addicted to the messy chaos which we’ve created. Why? Well, the Top 10 Most Googled People were just released.

According to Allure, an overwhelming majority of the Most Googled People of 2017 are garbage, attention seeking, alleged perverts. As a society, as we so intrigued by flaws that we have to gnaw at them each chance we get? Let’s briefly break down the Top 10:

10. Gal Gadot



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Wonder Woman, formerly known as Gal Gadot, proved we’re much more interested in seeing a woman at the front of a film than a man. Wonder Woman was a huge box office success and will go down as the first time a female superhero movie succeeded.

09. Milo Yiannopoulos


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Milo Yiannopoulos is a disgusting human being who is an appalling representation of the LGBTQ community. It’s no surprise he’s made this list, since he constantly baits society with attention demanding, awful, controversial stunts that will gain him some type of infamy. He’s trash.

08. Kathy Griffin


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Kathy Griffin is probably incredibly happy that she made this list, regardless if it cost her a career and reputation. Congratulations, Kathy – you made it onto another list. You’ll always be A-List in my book, but I don’t think you were most Googled for the sake of being funny.

07. Melania Trump


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Groan! Melania Trump, who seemingly hasn’t really done anything to many of us, makes the cut but her husband, The President, doesn’t. I believe people are constantly trying to catch her cheating on him or something with how obsessed they are with her. She won’t crack, y’all. Stop Googling her. She’s so uninteresting.

06. Bill O’Reilly

Oh my goodness, it’s the sweet, adorable, puppy-loving old man, Bill O’Reilly! Surely he must be on this list because of his humanitarian work. NO! He’s been accused of sexual harassment and is a ruthless, ignorant, bigot. I’m sure we’ve all been looking up his shame since the allegations were made against him months ago.

05. Kevin Spacey


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The second of two gay men to make the list for Most Googled People. Funny enough, Kevin Spacey wasn’t out until a little over a month ago. Well, publicly anyway. After Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual allegations, Spacey’s career has taken a huge dive. His social media is loaded with insults and threats. Spacey was once beloved by most, but now he’s being Googled with disgust by all.

04. Michael Flynn

LIAR! Michael Flynn is likely the Most Googled Liar on this list. He gained his infamy admitting he lied to the FBI and Russia may have meddled in the United States 2016 Presidential Election. LOCK HIM UP!

03. Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein wasn’t the first gross celebrity to begin to sexual allegation chaos. It was originally Bill “Pill” Cosby. Weinstein did start a huge domino effect in Hollywood. No one was safe anymore. I’m so glad that he’s being Googled simply for all of the allegations against him. This nasty man still receives more allegations day-to-day. I won’t be surprised if more comes out. Good riddance, loser!

02. Meghan Markle

You can’t escape controversy too easily, Princess. While Meghan Markle (and Gadot) are the only two on this list who haven’t stirred the pot, Markle’s family certainly likes too. Her past comes with some odd characters including an estranged father and a big-mouth step sister. However, Markle has defeated the odds to becoming the first biracial, first American who will be entering the Royal Family. You go, girl!

01. Matt Lauer

To be honest, I’m not a news watcher. I’m one of those spoiled millennials who primarily rely on their mobile devices to get information. I never really knew who news anchor, Matt Lauer, was until a few weeks ago. Apparently he was loved by nearly everyone and brought a smile to everyone’s faces in the morning. Well, you guessed it – he has loads of sexual allegations behind him and got canned from his job. It sucks for you, Lauer, but I’m excited that someone can take your place. Hopefully the Most Googled Person of the Year will be someone who was able to keep their hands to himself.

What do you think about the Top Ten Most Googled People list?! Did your favorite trending topic make the cut?!

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