Who Will Finally Solve The ‘Bad Boy Murder Mystery?’

The cast of ‘Bad Boy Murder Mystery’

The party is over? Tell us it’s not so! Since the Spring of 2018, Artie O’Daly’s “Bad Boy” web series has been entertaining us with not only hotties (those would be the ‘bad boys’) but clever writing executed at bing-bang-zoom speed by a company of actors who clearly got what O’Daly was aiming for.

Along the way there has been an epic lap dance-off between two ‘Bad Boys,’ ‘Bad Boy porn problems,’ tear-away pants & sequin booty shorts, a ‘Bad Pool Boy,’ a ‘Bad Boy Sleepover,’ ‘Bad Boys Game Night,’ plus a murder mystery weaving its way through the show and a healthy sprinkling of shirtless ‘Bad Boys.’

Alex Dyon and Drew Canan in a scene from “Bad Boy Exposed”

As the saying goes, “All good things must come to and end.” Which means the curtain is coming down on the hilarious farce-in-hyperdrive. But with several characters introduced along the way, O’Daly’s task was to not only wrap up their storylines, but that murder mystery lurking in the background.

With all that to sew up, O’Daly – who also stars as Hollywood writer Scott (“Daddy Scott”) – delivers the series’ grand finale across two episodes.

We begin as Scott has gathered his agent Jamila (Julia Pace Mitchell), movie producer Vanessa (Vanessa Marano), and ‘bad boy’ Jim (Drew Canan) for a table read of his script about Jim’s career as a male stripper at Buns & Guns (which Scott didn’t want to write but he wants to put in a new pool, so there you go…).

Artie O'Daly, Drew Canan, Alex Dyon in 'Bad Boys Murder Mystery'
Artie O’Daly, Drew Canan, Alex Dyon in ‘Bad Boys Murder Mystery’

But just in time to interrupt the reading, FBI agent Calista Flockhart (Alina Bock) shows up with an invitation to the reading – except Scott didn’t send out invitations. Ruh-roh, more mystery…

Pretty soon the house is full of folks (some fake-invited, some not) including smoldering ‘bad boy’ James (Alex Dyon), BJ (Braden Davis) & his boyfriend Roderick (Paul Riley Fox), Scott’s former not-really-boyfriend Brian (Doug Rogers), would-be assassins Mary-Kate (Miki Yamashita) and Elizabeth (Vida Stubblebine), Aunt Whitney (Theresa Ryan), plus the return of ‘bad boy’ Mack (Jamie Hobert).

Scripts go flying, dead bodies show up, someone might be a vampire, and more wild and crazy times ensue. O’Daly clearly gives a nod to the comic mystery movie “Clue,” as everyone moves from room to room offering theories about the murder mystery.

The cast of 'Bad Boy Murder Mystery'
The cast of ‘Bad Boy Murder Mystery’

The fun is O’Daly’s knack for keeping the whip-smart dialogue flying about as fast as bad boy Jim can rip off his tear-away pants. The quick witted, farcical repartee ricochets off every character like clockwork…only at double speed. But if you keep up, you pick up more clues as to where this is all headed.

Usually, I quote some of the uber-clever dialogue from episodes, but it might spoil the fun for you.

So hit the play buttons below and enjoy. While we’re sad to see the ‘Bad Boys’ go bye-bye, we’ll definitely be waiting to see what O’Daly comes up with next.


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