Will Alfie Find His Happiness In ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3?

I’m one of those guys that often doesn’t jump into a trend or a show, but will wait for things to fall where they may, letting the dust settle, allow the reviews to float to the surface. I’ve heard mixed reviews of ‘Emily in Paris’ and therefore have not bitten the bullet, haven’t started the binge watching. 

But now seeing one of the stars explored in a recent Men’s Health article, Emily in Paris Star Lucien Laviscount on Alfie’s Fate in Season 3, I am a little intrigued. Yes, it’s because of the eye candy mainly. GUILTY.  But please, we’ve all watched a show or a movie just to see the actor and not for the plot. Oh wait, that’s porn. But no, I know I’ve done it before for the actor and not the story. Yes, that’s what sucked me into Altered Carbon Season 1 and Joel Kinnaman and his umpteen nude scenes. That story finally got better as the episodes went on, and yes, I’ve heard the same about Emily in Paris, it gets better. 

So about that carrot that was just dangled in front of me. Hello Lucien Leon Laviscount

Instagram: @its_lucien

I do like that carrot!  It seems that Lucien has been smoldering since 2017, when the picture above was posted to his its_lucien Instagram account.

Of course when we read an interview talking about season 3 of a show, there will be spoilers, especially for someone like me that has not even seen one single episode.  Lucien Laviscount spills the beans to Men’s Health when he elaborates:

In season three, the walls come down a little bit more. We get a more vulnerable side of Alfie: he has his heart on his sleeve. He’s honest, he’s truthful with himself, his thoughts, his emotions. For better or for worse, he lets down his cards. Let’s just say shit hits the fan.

Might fine in 2019 (Instagram: @its_lucien)

But how spicey do things get on Emily in Paris? There are no spoilers to that, but Men’s Health did bring up spicey foods and eating right.  It does look that Lucien takes very good care of himself.  He clarifies that he is now eating some spicey foods, but he does like to make sure he eats right as feeling good is important to him and he like to feel healthy and that does start with what he puts into his body. We’re talking about food as he does watch his diet.

And it does show. These pics have us wanting to see more underwater and in the red room. My first thought when I saw him in the tank top and red background was, hmm, he could do well in an up to date Querelle.

Instagram: @its_lucien

As for his fitness and diet, he mentions that one thing he has started doing more of, or at least more regimental is stretching.

“I do love getting to the gym and feeling like I’m tearing my muscles left, right, and center.”

Is this the stretching he was talking about? Shots from a stretching session by the pool for Christmas 2021 were presents for all.

Instagram: @its_lucien

But we also do love a man that can pull off some fashion. Yes, the tank top pics are wonderful, but Lucien Leon Laviscount (don’t you just love saying his full name) can pull on/off some great fashion too. The caption of the picture of him at the flower cart in the long coat reads:

Honour to [drip] in one of @virgilabloh last pieces while taking NYC last week! @louisvuitton @netflix @emilyinparis

Instagram: @its_lucien

Currently it seems that Lucien is not dating anyone and he is looking to be selfish and selfless about that.  He clarifies:

I realized that I had blinders on in my life for so long. My career was so important to me. I didn’t think I’d be able to fall in love because I was concentrating on bettering myself and bettering the future for my family. The one thing that everyone wants for me is for me to be happy, and to find my happiness. That’s what I’m doing. To be selfless, you’ve gotta be selfish. I wouldn’t say that I’m selfish ‘cause that’s just not my nature, but I’m doing things that I want to do for me now. And it’s going alright. – Men’s Health

And for those that are hoping he is gay/bisexual. We’re thinking that this recent social media post clears that speculation up. He’s shares a pic of him hugging a long term friend and the caption states in so many words that he is just friends with this male while hinting he’s just friends with all males.

So now that I’m still jonesin’ on Lucien, are there more things I may like about Emily in Paris or should I just fast forward to Laviscount’s scenes? Do we get to see him shirtless? I guess I will find out soon. 


Instagram: @its_lucien

Source: Men’s Health

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