Woke Mob Comes For Jeffree Star’s Hairstylist

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Hairstylist, J.Wright, Is Refusing To Bend To Criticism For Doing Jeffree Star’s Hair

Millennials and Gen Z mostly know Jeffree Star as one of the great internet personalities who still remains relevant. Star’s well… star, continued to rise through the mid 2000’s with his jaw dropping looks as everyone from the Emo girls to the makeup obsessed gays wanted to mimic him. He didn’t go the route of reckless Myspace Icon Tila Tequila, but instead decided to flourish in the makeup industry – landing him as one its most popular, and eventually polarizing figures. Star choice to release a makeup line has made him absolute bank and he probably doesn’t have to work another day in his life. However, his journey to riches has been wounded with many allegations and sometimes photo evidence of being a hateful person and a racist. He has publicly apologized for his past behavior many times, but social justice warriors have been determined to dim Star’s shine for years and recently they saw signs of success as he was dropped from makeup retailer, Morphe, for his eyebrow raising behavior. True to form of the influencer tribe, Star released another apology video that has received over 10M views. Say what you want, but this is one self-made beauty influencer who likely won’t be taken down by cancel culture, despite the numerous cries for his demise.

So after all of these allegations and another endless cycle of the social media mob coming for him, Star still treads the water and lives his life. Recently, during a photoshoot, video shoot- something of the sort, he hired mega huge Celebrity Hair Guru, Jonathan Wright (J.Wright).  Simply put: Wright is black and working for Star, who has a curious past with racist allegations, had the woke mob dipping their pitch forks in kerosene and coming full force for Wright to admit his wrong doings working with Star. Fortunately, in a stance of bravery, Wright is sticking it to the mob and refusing to apologize working with Star. Especially since Wright got paid a whopping $20K for a day to do a variety of looks on Star. Consider our wigs snatched – who would turn down that much money for a day?! Wright is seriously not giving a F— and it’s kind of amazing to watch. According to The Shade Room, he’ll even do Donald Trump’s hair if he’s getting paid that amount of money. Which is hilarious, but again, is not sitting well with a mob of people who only want to cancel people and get them fired from their jobs.

Some social media commenters are coming to Wright’s defense with comments like: We’re still in a pandemic, make money where you can, and experience someone for themselves before you lead with judgement. These comments are definitely outweighed by the outrage, many saying he is selling his morals for money.

But, this isn’t the first time Wright has worked with someone controversial. He was the hair stylist for Nicki Minaj and Tekashi 6ix9ine’s music video, TROLLZ – which was the latter Rapper’s first song out after he was released from prison. While Minaj has a slew of BS behind her, Tekashi was recently sentenced to four years-probation and 1K hours of community service after pleading guilty to a sexual offense involving a thirteen-year-old girl, although he did not have to register as a sexual offender. Wright is very obviously talented in his art and smart in his choices to ensure a comfortable life. It’s easy to make him a target, but also hard to call him less than smart…get your money and get out. 

Do you think Wright is in the right to work for whomever he pleases – even if it doesn’t please a wide public? Or was he wrong for working with Star due to his ruthless past?

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