Woman Sentenced to Prison After Killing Gay Son

Tatiana Ferreira Lozano Pereira of Brazil was just sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing her son. Picture by Ronaldo Gomes from EPTV via Globo.com

A Brazilian woman was sentenced to 25 years and eight months in prison for killing her 17-year-old son because he was gay, according to Out.

Tatiana Ferreira Lozano Pereira’s son, Itaberli Lozano, came out as gay in December of 2016. Pereira did not accept his sexuality, causing them to have a dispute which resulted in Itaberli to move in with his grandmother. Two days after their argument. Pereira was said to have lured Lozano back into her house under the false pretense of reconciliation, but in reality, she had hired two hitmen to kill her own child. 

Thinking he would have a nice talk with his mother, Lozano was unfortunately attacked by the two hitmen who beat him but refused to kill him, so Pereira picked up a knife and stabbed her son to death. After he died, Pereira and her husband took Lozano’s body to a cane field where they incinerated it. The remains were found a week later. I can’t imagine anything more horrific than a mother hiring someone to kill her own son and then killing him herself and then setting his body on fire to cover up the crime. It’s enough to make anyone sick.

According to Pereira’s side of the story, she claimed that killing her son was an act of self-defense, as she said that Itaberli was full of rage and threatened to kill his whole family so she had no chance but to stab her child to death and burn his body in a field. However, her story did not hold up because of Facebook images showing injuries that Itaberli had endured from neighborhood boys that his mother hired to beat him, as well as the arrests of the two hitmen who were hired to kill him. The police said that his body was so badly burned that they could only identify him by a bracelet that he was wearing that he showed off on Facebook. 

This crime was truly despicable and showed the very dark side of humanity as no normal person would consider hiring someone to kill their own child and then doing it themselves. I’m glad that Pereira will be spending a quarter of a century in prison, but I think that she should have been given a life sentence. I can’t accurately express the anger and sadness that I’m feeling and I can only hope that something like this does not happen again.

Source: Out

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