Worlds Collide: Peppermint and Cazwell Collaborate on New Music ‘Blend’

The drag and music world have beautifully collided once again, as RuPaul's Drag Race legend Peppermint and rap superstar Cazwell have collaborated on an amazing new EP called Blend

Available for purchase on March 9th, the Blend EP includes the title track as well as, Turning It Up, and Harlem Cleopatra. The Blend single and music video (see below) became available worldwide on Friday.  The Blend EP pre-order is also available and includes the instant gratification track, Blend. 



Written by Cazwell and produced by Craig C. Denver., the Blend album includes Peppermint and Cazwell’s influences of house, pop, and rap. The pair who met over a decade ago, wanted to create an EP that was socially and politically relevant. 

We wanted all of the songs to be very trans-positive and tell a story of what it is like being a trans woman in 2018. The title track, ‘Blend’ was written from the state of mind of making a positive trans-anthem. When you are a woman and especially a trans woman you are under a lot of pressure to blend in society so that no one calls you out for being trans. I wanted to write a song that proved the importance of not needing to blend into society to be happy with yourself,” shares Cazwell.

For purchase information, click here.

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  1. I hardly think that Cazwell

    I hardly think that Cazwell qualifies as a "rap superstar." Next thing you know, he'll be a gay icon.


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