Would You Bang Your Bully’s Dad As Revenge?


What’s the best way to get back at a high school bully? Sleep with his father a few years later. Ok, that might not be the healthiest route to take. But at the very least, it creates a hilarious skit.

Specifically, it’s comedian Nathan Pearson’s character sketch that got us laughing at the idea. Pearson made the skit as a part of the sketch comedy and improv group Upright Citizens Brigade. New York City’s UCB boasts notable alumni like Amy Poehler, Adam McKay, Matt Walsh, Nicole Byer, and more. And again, Pearson wrote and performed the UCB scene shown below.

In the scene, Pearson plays a man named David. David meets up with his high school bully Benjamin Reynolds for the first time in a few years. And the reason the two are meeting? Because David slept with Benjamin’s dad. What follows is a hilarious scene of getting back at your former bully.

Again, you can watch the moment below.

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