Would You Get “The Bi-Chair?”

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Another artist/architect has created a chair to (lightly) talk about societal structures, and this time about LGBTQ, and specifically bisexual, life.

It seems that everything can be made into a statement. From fashion to friend circles to even furniture. And while architectural student got into trouble earlier this summer for making a chair that comments on gender norms by prohibiting manspreading, one artist is being applauded for turning a joke about how LGBTQ people sit into an actual chair.

For a while now, there’s been the running joke, especially among young people, that LGBTQ people can’t sit straight. As such, LGBTQ people sit sideways on chairs, cross-legged on chairs, and in a variety of other ways.

Artist Má Matiazi then deiced to sketch up the idea of “a bi-chair” for those who can’t sit straight. Then, the father of a bisexual non-binary person got the idea to build it. Woodworker Israel Walker then asked Matiazi for her blessing, which she gave, and gifted the world with the actual creation.

“So, an artist named Má Matiazi drew this awesome sketch “The Bi-Chair: for people who can’t sit straight,” Israel Walker wrote on Facebook. “My daughter (who identifies as bisexual genderfuck) thinks that her and other LGBTQ+ folks inability to sit “normally” is hilarious. So I asked Má if I could make my own rough style of Bi-Chair and she said yes!”

After getting a glimpse of the chair, many internet users expressed their absolute desire to have one.


Whether it started out as a joke or not, or is actually practical for people to sit on, doesn’t matter. The Bi-chair is now a reality and it will be the topic of discussion and fervent desire for an unknowable amount of time to come.

But the real question is, would you get one?

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