“Would You Like A Whopper With That Gay Wedding?”

Burger King Germany helped this couple have a wedding in Germany and get rings (made of Burger ash). / Screenshot via YouTube @BURGER KING Deutschland

Being known for your wedding ring made of a burger sounds kind of weird and a little sweet. But mostly sweet. And now, two men in Eastern Europe will live on with that legacy.

While we are not new to seeing companies create Pride-themed ads in June, we haven’t seen one merging burgers with wedding rings before. Yes, Burger King Germany recently released a new video in which a gay couple turns the classic whooper into diamonds.

In order to create this “whopper diamond,” the iconic burger was burned into carbon ashes. Those ashes were then pressed into diamonds. That then became the wedding rings for Eastern European couple Dima and Alvar.

Even better, the couple didn’t spend a dime as Burger King organized the entire thing. They brought the couple over to Germany to have a legal wedding and figured out the logistics of turning their burger into the rings.

While having rings made from a burger may surprise someone else in a nasty way, the couple expressed the entire event as a “dream come true.” And you can watch that dream in the short video below.

Again, this is primarily another Pride campaign from a company wanting our money, but we can at least give Burger King Germany props for creativity. In addition, the company is releasing a rainbow version of the classic Burger King crown. Plus, Burger King Germany will run an influencer campaign “for further resonance.” (Whatever that means).

Clear marketing schemes aside, this is a beautiful tale of a happy gay couple and we can be proud of that. Happy Pride and wedding to Dima and Alvar. Here’s hoping for many years of love and happiness together.

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