X-Factor Winner X’d For Gay Slurs

James Arthur, 2102's winner of The X Factor UK, has been hoping for a comeback since getting dropped from Simon Cowell’s record label. He was supposed to appear on rapper Professor Green’s forthcoming album. But then, Arthur opened his big fat homophobic mouth.

Arthur released a diss track laden with homophobic slurs including gems like ‘You f*cking queer’, and promptly got himself removed from the record. Speaking to Digital Spy, Prof Green, "He just kind of imploded, didn’t he? It’s a shame, when I met him he was a cool guy but he just upset so many people."

 When Arthur released the diss track in November last year, it led to a backlash from the gay community and its allies. Album sales also immediately started to drop. When Arthur said the slurs were not intended to be homophobic, Simon Cowell said the singer should "shut up and just put the records out,"

 So we're asking you:

* Do things like "you f*cking queer" sound intentionally homophobic?

* Or do things like "you f*cking queer" sound not homophoic or anything at all?



What do you think?