Years & Years, With Openly Gay Frontman Olly Alexander, Released A New Song

Screenshot via Youtube

Years & Years is coming back with new music.

The British electro-pop band recently premiered a live version of a new single in the BBC Radio 1 Studios (video below), and they say that a new album is on the way.

This official premiere of “DNA,” was proceeded by frontman Olly Alexander singing an early version of the song in his BBC documentary Growing Up Gay (also shared down below).

Alexander also shared that more music from Years & Years’ second album will be released in “weeks, not months.”

As for the new track, it looks like DNA is about breaking past the binds of your past and even genetics. This message is important to openly gay signer Alexander and who’s also expressed his troubles with mental health issues. Ultimately, the song wishes to inspire strength in the listener.

You can be inspired by checking out the song down below.

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