Yes Voter Featured in A No Campaign Is “Devastated To Be Linked To This Rubbish”

A volunteer interpreter is “personally distressed” after she was filmed signing the words of a campaigner for LGBTQ rights, and then placed in a Vote No to Marriage Equality ad.

Paola Mitchell told that she’s called the Coalition for Marriage to remove the ad, but they have refused to respond.

Ms. Mitchell was first made aware of the video by a friend who messaged her after seeing the ad in a doctor’s waiting room. She now worries that she may be shunned by some of the deaf community after appearing in the video.

“It’s irresponsible and they obviously don’t really care who or what they do is affecting,” said Ms Mitchell.

“I’m proudly and openly gay and it just tears me apart to my very core and devastates me my face is even remotely associated with this rubbish from the No campaign.”

“I’m horrified and personally distressed. I never gave my permission for my image to be used in this way.”

A Coalition for Marriage spokesman told “We sympathize with her and can understand why she would want to distance herself from Roz Ward and the radical safe schools program.”

The ad depicts the argument that legalizing same-sex marriage will eventually effect and change the lecture plans taught in schools.

Speaking of the vote, it is coming to an end soon. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, which manages the survey, recommends voters send their votes in the mail by this Friday to make sure they are received by the cut-off date of November 7.

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