You Only Have One-DJ Aron & Beth Sacks Premiere Their Single “One Life” & Are More Ready Than Ever To Head Back To The Dance Floor

So many musical partnerships are created on a dance floor or in the studio, but for international DJ Aron and vocalist Beth Sacks, when they met at New York City Gay Pride, it was immediate kismet. Their recreations of legendary tracks like “Imagine” as well as original productions like their latest single “One Life” (the video premieres this weekend) have kept dance floors worldwide packed with their mix of Aron’s throbbing beats and Sacks’ soaring vocals. I sat down with these two performers that have become two very familiar faces throughout the circuit music industry for a chat. From their initial collaborations to the path it took for both of them to get where they are, these expect to see plenty more collaborations from them when we all return to the dance floors. 


MC: How did your amazing musical partnership begin?

DJ Aron: We met by complete fate at a New York City Pride party at the Dream Hotel June 24, 2012; both of us were not supposed to be there. I was playing as a favor for a friend and Beth just happened to go there with a friend who had invited her. At the time, I was looking for a singer to finish a music project I was working on for the Week Club in Brazil. Beth was currently singing in a band and while at the party, just started singing out loud along to the music by the DJ area. I heard Beth and immediately told her to come over to where he was spinning. I asked if she was a singer and if she was available to go into the studio that week and the rest is history. Initially, we were only going to be working on the one project but Beth and I decided to try and write more music and their partnership began and took off!


MC: How did your love affair with music begin for you both?

DJ Aron: My passion for DJ’ing came from going out in New York City and listening to big DJ’s like Junior Vasquez & Peter Rauhofer. From there, I purchased turntables and I started to play for my friends at home. My first gig was playing for White Party Palm Springs and from there playing around the world at the biggest parties and clubs throughout Europe, The United States, South America, China and Israel.

Beth Sacks: My passion for singing started very early when I was about five years old. I was just always singing around the house and would listen and sing along to the record player for hours trying to sing like Donna Summer, Debbie Boone, Gloria Gaynor and anything on the radio! I wanted to sing like them, belting it out from the heart. Through the years, I was heavily involved in musical theater and moved to NYC to attend music school. I toured many years with musical theater productions such as Phantom of the Opera and many others. I have always had my foot in many different pots singing for rock and dance bands and doing cabaret shows. I knew from the Limelight and Roxy days I wanted to pursue a house / dance music career though.


MC: What is your creative process like merging musical talents with vocals from you each respectively? What is the writing process like?

BS: Both us bring ideas to the table! We are constantly writing and creating new music and new ideas. Most of the time, Aron will come up with a melody and lyric idea and then we will work on it together. We both always have ideas. Sometimes we will go through two or three different ideas before we finally find the one that really works, that really shines!

MC: Tell me about you most recent releases; “You Can Have My Heart” was a full on production! What can we expect coming up from you and Aron soon?

BS: Yes, “You Can Have My Heart” was one of our most full on production videos! In fact, the guy who shot us just had shot Celine Dion a week before! We had shot that in November prior to the pandemic and it was released in December with a great reaction! That video currently has 1.2 million views and growing! Aron and I have several music projects going on. The latest project being released now is our new song “One Life’ which was produced by Dj Aron and Dj Tommer Mizrahi with lyrics by Bill Bouvier and me on vocals! The song is now available on all music platforms and the official music video is debuting live online today!


This song was written during the early months of lockdown when everyone was feeling hopeless, scared and unsure of what was happening. We wanted to write a song to help people all over to keep hope alive and to keep believing that tomorrow is going to be a better day. We receive a lot of fan emails that people are feeling depressed and they write to thank us for our music that is helping them get through this challenging time. So “One Life” was born and we are so happy and proud of its release.


MC: How have you both stayed creatively fueled during this time in our country?

A/B: It’s extremely unfortunate what’s going on and artists will be out of work for a long time with no live concerts or shows allowed, but the one thing we have had during this pandemic is time to write and produce a lot of music. With the touring schedule it was a bit hard to get the time to get into the studios, to get together to create new music but, yes, we have been feverishly staying creative! We have several music projects coming in addition to the “One Life” release that we are very excited about.

DJ Aron & Tomer Mizrahi ft. Beth Sacks-“One Life” is available on all music platforms; click here to grab a copy! 


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