You’ll See More of Lucien Laviscount on Emily in Paris Season 3

Lucien Laviscount, the actor who played the love interest of Lily Collins’ Emily Cooper in the second season of Emily in Paris, will be returning as a regular in the third season of the romantic comedy series. Creator of the hit Netflix hit show made the announcement at 2022’s PaleyFest held on Sunday.

Laviscount plays Alfie, the charming British banker who attends the same French class as Emily and eventually becomes her love interest. Alfie became an immediate fan favorite, upping the level of complication and comedic chaos to the show’s already rather messy romantic affairs.

The 29-year old actor is  a welcome addition to the cast. At the PaleyFest, Collins also talked about Laviscount’s casting, saying he “just fit right in” from the beginning.

“You know, he didn’t audition. He sent a tape in and Darren showed it to me. And right away it was just so apparent that was Alfie,” Collins shared. “Without any conversation we just saw it and like we jumped on the Zoom and just had a conversation for like 45 minutes and you felt really comfortable which is so crazy to hear that you were super nervous.”

Laviscount feels the same way about his 29-year old co-star, saying: “I get to work with Lily Collins, so everything’s just great.” He adds that Collins made him made him “feel at home” despite being “the new kid” on set.

Emily in Paris follows Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), a Chicago-based American marketing executive who relocated to Paris following her company’s acquisition of a French luxury marketing company. Emily is jets off to France, where she navigates the ups and downs of navigating unfamiliar territory, meets new people, forms new (romantic!) relationships and commits many, many, cultural faux-pas.

There’s no word yet on when Emily in Paris Season 3 would air, but you can catch seasons one and two on Netflix.

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