Young Justice Confirmed A Queer Character

Image via DC Universe

The internet is going crazy after DC animation confirmed one of its Young Justice characters is LGBTQ.

Young Justice is a popular cartoon series that shows the team-up of several side-kick characters like Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and more. While the popular series once aired on Cartoon Network, the channel was only focused on commercial toy sales and decided Young Justice wasn’t worth airing on their platform. But thanks to fan fervor, online complaining, and DC’s new streaming platform, the show was brought back from the cancelation graveyard.


And now, it appears that the newest season has also brought LGBTQ representation to the table.

For the original run of Young Justice, a new Aqualad, named Kaldur’ahm or Jackson Hyde, was introduced and placed as the team’s leader. To help instill Kaldur, the son of Aquaman villain Black Manta, into the DC mythos, the comic book company released a comic book version of the character in 2010’s Brightest Day #4. The only thing is the comic version of Kaldur was much different than the Young Justice version. While the tv version was a quiet and bald-headed man, the comic version was a rebellious, dread headed teen. Then later, the Teen Titans iteration of the character was openly bi.


Now with more time to explore it’s characters, it appears that the returned Young Justice is following the comics’ canon. This is what was expected as show creator Greg Weisman teased the exploration of LGBTQ characters back in January 2017 after the show revival was announced.

“There are already LGBT characters in #YoungJustice,” he said

And now, the actual reveal of Kaldur’s sexuality and romantic relationship has excited many Twitter fans. The scene shows Aqualad heading to Atlantis to guide a new meta-girl (powered teen) to society underwater. Her gill-filled evolution, unfortunately, made her incapable of living above ground. Upon meeting King Orin (Aquaman), Kaldur is introduced to a new protégé. Then later on in the episode, we see Kaldur and this new man kissing.



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