YouTuber Tylan LeDuff Got Engaged!

Screenshot via YouTube

We have another sweet story of love to share with you all.

For YouTuber Tylan LeDuff, recording moments in his life is nothing new. The Vlogger often shares prank videos, stories about his history, and recordings of his personal life. But possibly the most intimate moment shared on his YouTube channel happened earlier this week. Namely, the moment he was proposed to.

Just two months ago, LeDuff was celebrating his one year anniversary with his boyfriend Anthony. At the time, LeDuff joked with fans and followers about the two possibly getting proposed. But now it seems that joke’s on him, as the two are now actually engaged.

In the first video shared below, we see Anthony getting down on one knee while in the midst of loved ones. The two cry as Tylan says yes and they ring in the next phase of their relationship. You can watch the happy moment in the video below.

But that’s not the end of the story. Tylan LeDuff, who is always candid and honest with his followers, shared a separate video confessing his fears and worries to fans. LeDuff talked about his emotions after the proposal. From loving Anthony to his excitement for the future and fear for the unknown. To watch that honest and unfiltered video around the topic of engagement and marriage, click the video below.

No matter what may come for the couple, we wish them the best. May love and happiness carry on.

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