Zac Efron Grows a Full Beard and We are Here For It!

The Greatest Showman star Zac Efron has done a pretty good job in terms of elevating his hotness to a higher and higher level as the years go by.

Something that he has done a pretty great job with especially is his ever changing decisions regarding facial hair versus clean shaven.  As of Thursday, the former has won that battle as Zac's latest Instagram pic shows him not only sporting a full beard, but also cuddling up next to the super cute dog he adopted!

Before we get to that photo, let's see how we got to all of his furry goodness at the present moment.


May your holidays be epic. #happyholidays

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He rocked a mustache quite well on Christmas Day in 2017, where he wished that everyone's holidays be "epic."  Only thing epic we are seeing is that super awesome mustache riding across his delicious face.


Excited to welcome the amazing @kayascods as Carole Ann #wickedcrew #behindthescenes

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Looks as if he had to shave that yummy mustache and the rest of his facial hair off for his role as Ted Bundy in the upcoming moving Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.  We will never say such things (wicked, evil, vile) about his face though, bearded or not.

The facial hair reemerged as he posed for a photo with the cast from The Greatest Showman including Zendaya and the superbly handsome Hugh Jackman.  


Hey planet , this is MACA. #adoptdontshop

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Now, he is totally bearded out as he took a photo of himself lounging with his new adopted pup called MACA.  Cuteness overload throughout this photo.

What version of Zac do you prefer, Instinct readers… clean shaven or fully bearded?


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