Rewatch That Glorious Dirty Dancing/Super Bowl Commercial

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, some people watch for the Half-time show, some watch for the comradery and big event feel, and some people watch for the commercials.

But, everyone enjoyed the following advertisement, because it’s just that fantastic.

While many are talking about the Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman lip sync battle, others are talking about the moment when Manning lifted Backham Jr. in the air.

NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning and wider receiver Odell Backham Jr. stared in the NFL feature commercial in what was full of bromance, goofiness, dancing, and maybe even a little gayness (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking).

No matter how drunk you were by the time the ad played, everyone enjoyed the commercial. And if you missed it, you can enjoy it too. You can watch the video down below.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Celebrates LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

There are three things I like about the Super Bowl.

  1. The array of foods I get to devour
  2. Whoever is performing the Half-Time Show (still waiting for another surprise Missy Elliot moment)
  3. Commercials that leave me with a WTF moment from laughter or heart-warming messages

Needless to say, I will be a Super Bowl party this Sunday, trolling Instagram, stuffing my face, and waiting for JT (and maybe Missy?)—but in between, I will definitely find the enjoyment in commercials like the one Coca-Cola just shared.

In anticipation of Super Bowl LII, Coca-Cola released an ad that will run during the fourth quarter of the game on Sunday, February 4th.

The ad, which depicts folks from all walks of life (ability, gender identity, race, religion, sexuality) over a poem “The Wonder of Us”. The commercial celebrates diversity and even includes gender non-binary individuals and a same-sex couple.

On their video, Coca-Cola mentions:

There's no one quite like you. Or her. Or him. Or them. The world is filled with over 7 billion unique yous who are all special in their own ways. And while we're different, there's a Coke for every single one of us. Whether it be in a glass bottle, or a mini, or an ice-cold Coke Life, or a Coke Zero sugar in a can, there's a refreshing way to Enjoy Yours.

One of those moments when you realize that somewhere, someone is doing something right.



Here are the moving words from the poem:

There’s a Coke for he, and she,

and her, and me, and them.

There’s a different Coke for all of us––

Especially one for him.


No feet have wandered where you’ve walked, 

No eyes saw what you’ve seen.

No one’s lived the life you live, 

No head has held your dreams.


To act the same would be mundane— 

what a boring thing to do!

That’s why there is just one me 

and a billion unique yous.


We all have different looks and loves, 

likes and dislikes, too—

But there’s a Coke for we and us, 

and there’s a Coke for you.

This is only one of the ads that is part of the campaign “A Coke for Everyone” which will run through the 2018 Winter Olympics and the rest of the year.

Tune in to the Super Bowl on Sunday to watch this and other great ads that will have people talking at the water cooler on Monday.

This Commercial For Lip Balm Included A Gay Romance Twist

A Thai lip balm commercial is making the waves for showcasing a BL/gay storyline.

It seems the lip balm company KA Lip Care from Thailand (which ships internationally) knows its target demographic well as the company decided to make it latest commercial into a high school drama with a gay twist.

The advertisement starts with a high school teen confronting another after the boy broke his little sister’s heart.

But soon the boy finds out there’s more going on with the story and the commercial suddenly takes a gay twist.

Some feel this commercial is a surprise and triumph for television in Thailand, but it isn’t quite that.

First off, Thailand is actually a very LGBTQ friendly place. Despite Taiwan being the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage, many think of Thailand when they think of gay Asian getaways.

On top of that, Thailand has an ever increasing interest in BL television.

BL, or Boys’ Love, is the genre of comics, web series/tv shows, and movies that focus on gay romance. But keep in mind, these BL stories are often created with a female audience in mind (This follows along the similar idea of straight men loving lesbian porn).

Thailand constantly has new BL shows releasing with campy and cheesy flairs like Make It Right the Series or Two Moons the Series. And, lately the genre is growing to include more mature/realistic series like Gay Ok Bangkok, Together With You, and Part Time the Series.

All that said, while this commercial certainly isn’t new for Thailand and is still female audience focused, it’s also noted representation for gay romance and people in Asia. And that’s pretty cool.