3 Famous Gay Couples Had a Lot to Celebrate This Week

We all joke that dating another guy for six months (or six weeks) can equal to 6 years in the gay world, but its truly amazing when you see other couples who really go the distance and have something concrete and stellar to celebrate with one another as their time together increases.

Three gay couples, who have found fame in sports, television and more, each had something major to celebrate this week.  Whether it was an anniversary or a birthday, these fantastic men had no problem sharing about their love for one another on social media.



Queer Eye star Karamo Brown celebrated his partner Ian Jordan's birthday today in a really cute way.  He shared a beautiful photo of the two of them together, with a caption that reads as follows: "Happy birthday to the love of my life @theianjordan! I love you because of your heart, your humor but mostly because you don’t mind serving #GlamourShots realness w/ me anytime I ask. I pray today and this year brings you everything your heart desires. #HBD#40ish #TurnUp.

He also followed that up with a cute picture of him on his Instagram story that echoed what he wrote on his actual post. 

Nate Berkus also had a big reason to celebrate this week, as May 3rd marked the fourth wedding anniversary with his partner and costar on Nate & Jeremiah by Design, Jeremiah Brent



He shared a photo from their wedding day, with a message that read "Four amazing years, 10 homes, 2 kids, 2 worn out passports. I love you JB." Awe. 

Jeremiah followed suit on the same day, saying "4 years later and life continues to crack open in the most beautiful ways. Home for me will always be by your side, hand-in-hand. Happy Wedding Anniversary."



And finally we come to Olympic diver Tom Daley and his partner, Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black, who celebrated their one year anniversary two days ago.  Dustin shared a photo of the two of them at their wedding, looking dashing in their tuxedos and being quite intimate with one another.



Tom's photo was just as intimate, but the caption was a lot shorter yet just as meaningful all at the same time.



May 6th 2017

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Gay love rocks, my friends! Congrats to all the happy couples. 



Tom Daley Used His Gold Medal Win To Speak Out Against Anti-Gay Laws

Tom Daley’s using his platform to speak out against discrimination across the globe.

Recently, Tom Daley won a gold medal for synchronized diving at the Commonwealth Games.

Celebrating his win with fellow diver Dan Goodfellow, Daley took to Twitter to share a picture of the two holding their new medals, but it was what he used to caption the picture that everyone’s talking about.

In the tweet, which you can find below, Daley shared that he feels lucky to be living in a country where he can be open about his sexuality.

“37 of the competing nations criminalise being LGBT+. I feel so lucky to be able to be openly who I am without worry. I hope one day every athlete from every nation in the commonwealth will be free to compete openly as who they are too!”

While the number of countries that criminalize homosexuality is decreasing, like Trinidad and Tobago which had a ruling against criminalizing homosexuality just yesterday, there are still more than 70 countries around the globe that have laws against male homosexuality and 45 with laws against female homosexuality.

On top of that, more than half of those countries belong to the Commonwealth (an international organization made up of countries that were previously British colonies/properties, but are now independent yet willing to keep international ties). But again, Trinidad and Tobago is currently in the process of lowering that number to 36.

That said, many advocates from several Commonwealth countries are like Daley and are objecting to how fellow countries (or their own countries) are handling LGBTQ citizens.

As Indy 100 reports, at the end of this year’s Commonwealth Games, government officials and activists will join together for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, and several LGBTQ advocates are expected to attend.

h/t: Indy 100

Tom Daley In Deep Water Over Selfie? Too Deep?

You wouldn't think a man in a speedo could be accused of false advertizing. I mean what could he be hiding?!?

Tom Daley himself was not accused of false advertising, but the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has taken the steps to ban a commercial he was featured in.  The advertisement by HTC seems to be implying a litle more than its phone can deliver.

The ad has Tom Daley using the new squeezable HTC U11 to take selfies while walking around a pool and even jumping/falling off a diving board and into the swimming pool taking the phone with him.

Someone complained that the phone was listed as water resistant up to one meter under fresh water, nothing about larger depths or chlorinated water.

The HTC Europe company was quick to point out that the 3 feet or 1 meter depth was not passed since the Olympic diver did not go that far into the water, landing feet first and therefore slowing him down before going too deep.

The ASA still said no, sorry, it was too misleading that the phone may work in a pool and people may go deeper than the 1 meter mark. Not everyone can jump from 10 meters and stop within 1 meter. We're all not sexy, yummy, hot, cute as a button, talented Olympians.

So is Tom in hot water? deep water?  Tom's wet? Screw the phone. Here's Tom Daley in a speedo.

h/t: telegraph.co.uk