7 Gay Comedians To Watch And Follow

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Many of us need a good laugh right about now. So is much going on in the world and so many stressors are appearing in our lives. Because of that, a good, hearty laugh would be a welcome source of relief. But what if you could have that laugh with a gay twist?

Thankfully, we have a list for you! Nowadays, there are plenty of comedians out sharing hilarious stories from their gay perspectives. Even better, some of these gay voices are becoming mainstream and earning gigs in high profile venues, appearing on television, going viral online, and writing for popular shows/movies. But who are some names to watch and follow? Here are 7 of our favorites.


Joel Kim Booster

Joel Kim Booster is having a great couple of years. After releasing his comedy album Model Minority, Joel started the popular podcast Urgent Care with fellow comedian Mitra Jouhari, and was cast in NBC’s Sunnyside. All of that success is built off Joel Kim Booster’s work ethic and his brand of comedy that’s part gay party boy, part cultural critic, and a healthy helping of sarcasm.

Jaboukie Young-White

As a correspondent for The Daily Show, Jaboukie Young-White is used to writing comedy about the ridiculous yet deadly serious aspects of human life. It doesn’t hurt that he’s gay, of Chinese-Jamaican descent, and FULLY tired of America’s BS.


Michael Henry

If you’re a frequent reader here on Instinct Magazine, you’re probably familiar with Michael Henry. This YouTuber is an unsung hero among gay comedians and gay content creators. Henry frequently uploads sketch videos that point out the absurdity of being gay in Hollywood and the world in general.

Julio Torres

Now, we move on to the Saturday Night Live boys. First, we have Julio Torres who wrote sketches in 60 episodes of SNL between 2017 and 2019. That includes the iconic thirsty Harry Styles sketch (alongside Bowen Yang) or the similarly iconic Ryan Gosling Papyrus video. When he’s not in the writer’s room, this Salvadoran comedian is giving sets that are candid and bizarre. And you know what? We love him for it, because he delivers unique performances every time.


Bowen Yang

Another SNL star here, Bowen Yang went viral several times in the last year. First, it was for being cast as the second openly gay male actor on SNL. Then, it was for several of his hilarious sketches and performances on the show. At the end of the day, no one can deny that Yang is a hilarious comedian.

Matteo Lane

Mixing comedy with music, Matteo Lane is a multilingual comedian with the voice of an angel. But while he loves to sing Barbra Streisand to his audience, Lane is also celebrated for his humor (both gay-themed and otherwise).

James Adomian

Lastly, we have the former Last Comic Standing star James Adomian. Outside of stand up, however, Adomian is known for his great impressions. This includes, Bernie Sanders in the Trump vs. Bernie TV specials, Jesse VenturaPaul Giamatti, and radio shock jock Tom Leykis.

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