A Philly Drag Queen Is Being Criticized For A Nazi-Inspired Performance

Image via Instagram @satineharlow

A Jewish drag queen decked out in a Nazi uniform? Just more drama happening in Philadelphia (and, of course, in ICandy too).

The once-popular-now-scorned gay bar ICandy is still trying to recover after its owner was recorded using the N word two years ago.

Now, the bar is in a new controversy.

Drag queen Satine Harlow, otherwise known as Eric Ziker, is similarly facing backlash for something that happened in ICandy last week. This time, the controversy is over a satirical performance of “Springtime for Hitler” while dressed up in a pink Nazi uniform.

While both the song, from the musical The Producers, and the performance were meant to be taken as jokes, many were offended when they either saw the show or saw Satine Harlow’s Instagram picture (seen below) with the caption, “Hail Hitler.”

Image via Instagram @satineharlow

Philadelphia Magazine reached out for interviews and fellow Philadelphia drag queen Ann Artist had a few words to share.

“I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Choosing to perform at ICandy is a political statement,” Artist wrote on social media, according to the magazine. “Given the fact that this is the stance these performers choose I’m never surprised when they do anything that’s tacky and in poor taste like this. This level of bad taste is reflected in the name of the establishment and mirrored through the irreverence the performers have for their fellow community members.”

That said, Satine Harlow, who is Jewish, says people need to calm down.

“Are people really freaking the fuck out about a Jewish gay man doing an iconic number from a musical? Jesus Christ. Lighten the fuck up. It’s drag,” Ziker wrote in an Instagram story. “We’re professional, some of us, pigs in wigs. Breathe. I stand by what I did…and if you disagree, unfollow me because you have no sense of humor.”

h/t: Philadelphia Magazine

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