A Show About A Gay Son/Father Duo?

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A gay web series creator is making his way to tv.

Internet celebrity and social media darling Nick Lehmann is known for his web series I’m Not Crazy. Lehmann co-created, wrote, directed, and produced the series, and has received a big following because of it. Just in the past four months, he has gained 90k followers on his social media platforms. Many of these people discovered Lehmann through his comedic videos and tweets.

And now, that quick attention has given Lehmann access to the next phase in his career. Work on tv.

According to Deadline, Lehman will be writing for a half-hour comedy show titled Like Son, Like Father. The comedy, which will also be led by Forever creator Matt Hubbard and produced by Universal TV, will follow an out gay man named Nick. Nick will be placed in an interesting situation when his dad comes out as gay. That will make the son turn into a gay mentor and roommate for his recently out father.

The series has only just been greenlit, so there is no word on when the show will begin filming or be released on tv. But we’ll update you when those details are announced.

Sources: Deadline

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