According To Jasmine Masters, Where Did The RPDR Holiday Special Go Wrong?

Jasmine Masters Talks Walking Off From Drag Race’s Holiday Special!

This Queen Always Has Something To Say!

Did any of you watch the RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular? Yeah, I definitely did not because the only time I like watching any reality series is to see competition, not some light-hearted Hallmark Channel movie with drag queens. Allegedly, it was a big mess of an advertisement to buy anything RuPaul, which is smart marketing for her to the ones who want her merchandise and albums. But, I may be watching it to witness exactly what RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 Alumni, Jasmine Masters, is ranting about in her latest video uploaded to YouTube!

If you aren’t familiar with Masters, you must be out of touch from anything Drag Race. Masters didn’t place well during her first time in the competition, but her slew of self-uploaded videos have garnered her hilarity tons of attention and has made me, a hard critic on what viral videos to watch, a total fanboy. From speaking her truth and becoming one of the most entertaining drag queens post-show, Masters now has a slot on the highly anticipated Drag Race All Stars season 4, premiering this Friday, December 14th on VH1. Masters has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues, again, after releasing a viral rant on the Holi-slay Spectacular she participated in. According to her recent YouTube video, there was drama during production. Gee, with drag queens who are heading mainstream? Ya think?!

Masters starts the video immediately saying “Let’s go on and talk some real sh!t! Everyone wants to know what’s going on. I might as well go on and tell the truth.” Masters admits she hasn’t seen the special (as far as four days ago), but she clearly knows what she’s talking about. She discusses walking away from production on day two, why she doesn’t have any confessionals, and her irritation with mega-popular drag queen, Shangela’s unprofessional antics. Masters tells us:

“So why you don’t see no confessionals of me? Honestly, it’s because I left. Everything we had a call time on doing, Shangela’s ass was late. And by that second day, I could not have no more of this girl showing up late, taking 45 minutes extra to get ready, my nerves could not take it anymore. I go outside after finding out what was on hold [Shangela]. RuPaul herself said ‘Let’s get this shit on a roll. I have shit to do. Why are we not rolling? Oh, Shangela, again?’ I gave them about fifteen to twenty minutes, I sat there and rolled two blunts. They [Producers] live for Shangela. I don’t breathe Shangela. When it comes to anyone wasting my time on bullshit, I don’t handle that politely. She’s the type of person who is always late. How many times are you going to hold people up? You are wasting my time on some bullshit. That’s why you don’t see no confessionals from me. I left off the set. Y’all kiss [Shangela] ass, I don’t. When I reached out to [Shangela] for help, she gave me a cold shoulder. I’ll never forget that. I’m not seen, because I left. Shangela thinks she’s someone she’s not. If you were clocking in to a job and your ass plugged in late, they’d fire your ass. They are letting someone who isn’t running shit, be late.”

Masters goes on to say she doesn’t want to work with Shangela again unless they can work completely independently AKA not during a production, but at a bar with different call times. Masters admits Shangela tried apologizing to her via telephone, but she wouldn’t accept it. Allegedly, Eureka O’Hara also wanted to stop production after tiring herself out, which Masters cussed her out for. While her irritation is warranted, Masters’ mind was heavily weighed due to a death during filming and may have led to her frustration coming forward quicker.

I mean, even after Masters’ rant…Shangela still should’ve won All Stars 3!

Watch the hilarious, full video below:



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